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Wart-Off Stick is an easy to apply wart remover for common and plantar warts.

Wart-Off Stick destroys wart tissue easily without messy liquids.

Warts are caused by a virus and are spread through direct skin contact and contact with damp, wet floors such as swimming pools, exercise rooms, showers and change rooms.

Most common warts are therefore found on hands and feet and children are particularly susceptible as they have little natural resistance.

A wart is a hard, callous thickening of the skin and look like a crude cauliflower-like bulge. They are harmless, but can be ugly and extremely contagious.

Benefits of Wart-Off Stick:

- Easy to use

- Removes warts easily

- Destroys wart tissue

- Used to treat plantar and common warts

- Contains salicylic acid


Wash affected area. Soak wart in warm water for 5 minutes to soften. Dry area thoroughly. Cover the top of the wart only with a thin layer of Wart-Off Stick.

Avoid contact with surrounding skin to avoid damage to normal skin. Cover the wart with a waterproof plaster, so it does not breathe.

Do not leave the wart uncovered. Repeat once daily until the wart has cleared. Change the plaster every couple of days or as desired. Should the condition persist, consult a doctor.


Contains Salicylic Acid 400mg (40% w/w).

Warnings: Do not use on lips. Do not use continuously for more than 2 weeks, at any one time. Should not be used if you are diabetic, on broken skin or moles or on infants or very young children without medical advice.

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