Flu Vaccine

A resurgence of the flu is expected coming into winter every year. The best protection against the flu and its complications is getting the flu vaccination. Book your flu shot now with Pharmacy 4 Less to ensure you are protected this winter.

At Pharmacy 4 Less, the flu vaccine is delivered by a qualified, trained pharmacist at your local Pharmacy 4 Less store, at a time that is convenient to you. It is safe to receive both COVID-19 Booster doses with your flu vaccination if you wish, so protect yourself against both flu and COVID-19 this winter.

Talk to your local pharmacist about how you can protect your family against the flu.

Booking your Flu Vaccination is easy.

STEP 1: Find your nearest Pharmacy 4 Less utilising the store locator below

STEP 2: Click on the Book Service button, this will take you to a calendar to book a service

STEP 3: Select a flu vaccination service from the services drop down and select your nominated date and time.