Loverhair Hairow 5In1 Intensive Liquid 145Ml

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Lover's Hairow Premium - Improved scalp care with ginseng.
(Scalp Revitalisation) Assists in activating scalp and hair root and provides hair tonic effect. Cleanses sebum, sweat on the scalp and soothes sensitive scalp.

Advanced Formula

Lover's Hairow Premium Scalp Tonic 5-in-1 intensive liquid bottle is a scalp care product made from natural herbal extracts to be gentle on hair and scalp. It will help alleviate dandruff and itching, creating an environment in which to promote healthy hair growth. Lover's Hairow Premium Scalp Tonic is developed from a secret Oriental herbal formula with natural ingredients such Ginseng and Red Gingseng. This is used to help nourish the scalp and hair, all the way from the roots to the tips, creating thicker and fuller hair. 

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