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Libra Tampon Super 16 Pack

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Libra have thought through the details to ensure Libra Tampons provide the best protection while making them as comfortable to use as possible. Things like the tapered design and unique anti-fluff base is how you can tell it's Libra; Designed by women, for women.

Other Benefits :

- Super absorbency is ideal for your heavy-flow days

- A tapered tip makes insertion more comfortable

- Our famous click-lock box keeps your tampons secure - even in your bag


Elemental chlorine free bleached rayon, polyester/polyethylene cover, polyester/cotton string


Information on how to use Libra Tampons can be found inside the pack

Warnings : 

- Tampon has been associated with toxic shock syydrome ( T.S.S). Toxic shock is a rare but serious disease that may cause death.
-Symptoms associated with TSS include sudden onset of high fever (39C or higher), vomiting or diarrhoea, feeling ill, headaches or muscular pain, fainting and dizziness when standing upright and sometimes a rash like sunburn will appear.
-If you experience any symptoms associated with TSS stop using tampons immediately and see your doctor.
-It may not be TSS but you should make sure, as it's fatal if not treated in the early stages.




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