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B&L Renu Sensitive Duo Pack 2 x 355mL

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B&L Renu Sensitive Duo 2 x 335mL is a multi-purpose solution designed to work with natural tears.

B&L Renu Sensitive Duo is a gentle formula for sensitive eyes that cleanses and disinfects.

Other Benefits:                    

- For soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogels.

- 710ml Duo Pack.  Clear bottle with easy open cap.

- Proven safe and effective for soft contact lenses.

- Proven to fight germs and clean soft contact lenses.

- All steps in one bottle.

- Weekly cleaning: Protein removal with an enzymatic cleaner may be necessary for some patients.  Please consult your eye care professional.

- Sterile filtered.


See inside of carton for directions for use and important safety information.

Active Ingredients:                    

Poloxamine, Dymed® (polyaminopropyl biguanide 0.00005%), boric acid, edetate disodium, sodium borate and sodium chloride.


Store below 30°C.  If you are allergic to any ingredient in the product, do not use. For external use only. Always discard solution from lens case.  Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use.  Use before expiration date marked on the carton and bottle.  Discard remaining solution within 90 days of opening.  Keep out of reach of children.  Do not mix with other fluids except as directed.  Do not administer to the eye concurrently with any eye medicament except on medical advice.

Warning: Failure to discard solution from lens case after each use or use of water to care for your lenses may lead to contamination resulting in eye injury and potential loss of vision. 



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