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Swisse Mens Ultivite 50+ Years x 90 Tablets

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Swisse Mens Ultivite 50+ are multivitamins specifically developed for people over 50 to assist in supporting a healthy cardiovascular system, memory function and stamina.

Swisse Men's Ultivite 50+ also acts as a liver tonic, supports the nervous system, assists in maintaining a healthy immune system and can help the body to adapt to mentally and physically draining circumstances.

Some of the ingredients included in the Swisse mens ultivite are specific for the 50+ age group such as:

Ginkgo is  included  in a considerably higher dosage in our Swisse Men's 50+.  Ginkgo is specific for helping with circulation, particularly to the hands and feet (perfect for those who always have cold hands and feet!) and also helping to circulate oxygenated blood to the brain - assisting with memory and concentration.

Swisse Men's Ultivite 50+ also contains a high dose of the herb St. Mary's Thistle.  St. Mary's Thistle has antioxidant properties and is also specific for liver health and the regeneration of liver cells.  Its actions also have a role in helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Coenzyme Q10 is incredibly important for human health, it is an antioxidant that helps to provide energy for the heart muscle.  CoEnzyme Q10 is naturally made by the body, however, as we age our  body's ability to produce CoQ10 decreases.  Also, certain medications deplete our body of CoQ10.  It is an important nutrient, particularly for those over the age of 50 years, and hence, is included in this comprehensive formula!

DOSAGE: Adults Only
One tablet daily during or immediately after a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional.

CAUTION: Do not take while on warfarin therapy without medical advice.

The recommended adult daily amount of vitamin A from all sources is 2500 IU. When taken in excess of 8000 IU vitamin A can cause birth defects. If you are pregnant, or considering becoming pregnant, do not take vitamin A supplements without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.

This product contains Selenium which is toxic in high doses. A daily dose of 100mcg from dietary supplements should not be exceeded. Selenium containing products are not suitable for us by children under the ge of 15 years.


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