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John Plunkett's Superfade Face Cream 40ml

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John Plunkett’s Superfade Face Cream assists in fading brown skin blemishes on the face.

Superfade Face Cream’s unique effective formula helps fade freckles and age spots.

Brown skin blemishes and freckles occur when extreme pigmentation has resulted from the effects of sun exposure, hormonal variation or skin type. Melanocytes in the epidermis produce melanin as a natural defence to protect skin against UV rays. However, repeated or heavy exposure to UV-B rays can make the melanocytes lose their ability to distribute pigmentation evenly, so that dark spots appear on the skin, commonly referred to as age spots.

Superfade Face Cream contains a powerful pigmentation fading agent to assist in fading brown skin blemishes and freckles. Results can be seen on the face in 6-8 weeks. Superfade Face also contains sunscreen and exfoliant. It is non greasy and can be worn under makeup.

Superfade Face works by fading out pigmentation giving a more even skin tone which makes the skin appear more youthful!


Rub sparingly into the pigmented area only twice daily and 30 minutes prior to bedtime. After desired fading is obtained use only as necessary to maintain results. Best used during the day in conjunction with a sunscreen.


Key active ingredients – Hydroquinone 20mg; Salicylic Acid 15mg, Padimate O 30mg; Tocopheryl Acetate.

Made in Australia.


Before commencing treatment test for an allergic reaction over 24 hours with a small patch of cream on the inside of upper arm. If a pigmented spot or mole has recently become darker, changed colour, becomes itchy or bleeds do not use this product on it and see your doctor immediately. Do not use on children. Do not use near eyes. Dark skinned people should avoid long term and repeated use to lighten overall colour as this could result in hyper pigmentation of the skin. Mild irritation may occur, stop use if it becomes severe. If fading is not evident within 3 months, seek doctor’s advice. Avoid exposure to the sun. This product may darken on exposure to air, but this does not affect its efficacy. This product contains sulphites. Always read label. Use only as directed. Available only at Pharmacies (S2). Use Superfade Sunscreen SPF30+ on any exposed areas.


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