Hedrin 15 Spray Gel 100ml

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Hedrin 15 Spray Gel is a fast acting, easy to use head lice treatment that helps to kill head lice and their eggs in minutes. Hedrin 15 Spray Gel is formulated with Dimeticone. It works by physically smothering the lice while the Penetrol® helps the product to penetrate louse eggs in order to kill them.

Hedrin 15 Spray Gel is not absorbed by the skin so it is suitable for use by everyone in the family from the age of 6 months upwards. This also makes it suitable for use by those with sensitive skin.

Fast acting with such a short treatment time.

Easy to use – Apply – Leave 15 minutes – Wash with no combing required.

There is no odour and suitable for sensitive skin.


Dimeticone oil (poly dimethylsiloxane), Penetrol® , (Nerolidol), PEG/PPG Dimeticone co-polymer, Silica Silylate


Cover shoulders with towel.
Shake bottle before each use.
Holding spray bottle 10cm from hair, apply sufficiently over DRY hair to ensure that scalp and hair are fully saturated. Work into hair with fingers, spreading through evenly from roots to tips.
Leave for at least 15 minutes.
Before wetting, apply shampoo diretly to the surface of the hair, ensuring full coverage.
NOTE: If the hair is rinsed before shampoo is applied the gel removal will be ineffective.
Shampoo thoroughly and rinse with water.
It is recommended to reapply the treatment after 7-10 days to kill any lice that may have hatched.


Hedrin 15 Spray Gel is slippery. Baths, shower cubicles, may become slippery when using or washing hair. Take care. Wash any resiude away with detergent and warm water. For external use only. Do not use if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients. Do not apply to broken skin. If accidentally introduced into the eyes, flush with water. If irritation persists seek medical advice. If accidentally swallowed consult a doctor as soon as possible. Take pack with you to the doctor. Do not continue to use if a skin rash or other signs of allergy occur. Do not use after the expiry date shown on the pack.

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