Ego QV Flare Up Bath Oil 200ml

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Ego Qv Flare up oil is a calming antibacterial treatment which relieves the symptoms of atopic eczema and dermatitis by reducing bacteria levels on the skin.

Other Benefits:

-Dual action formula reduces the level of bacteria and helps prevent moisture loss.

-Calms irritated skin, minimising roughness and scaling. Leaves a thin film of occlusive oil on the skin, which helps to rehydrate and revitalise.

-Suitable for recurrent eczema where secondary staphylococcus aureus infection is a problem.

-Prevents the vicious cycle of scratching causing a more serious infection.



Light liquid paraffin 65.1%, benzalkonium chloride 2.0% and triclosan 0.7%.



1. Fill bath with water. There should be at least enough water in the bath to submerge the QV Flare Up bath Oil bottle to the marked fill line.

2. Add QV Flare Up Bath Oil to the bath a drop at a time, stirring the water gently by hand to ensure the product is distributed evenly throughout. The water will start to become cloudy.

3.There are two panels on the back of the QV Flare Up Bath Oil bottle, one black, and one grey. Submerge the bottle in the bath until the fill line on the bottle and the water level in the bath meet.

4.There is enough QV Flare Up Bath Oil in the bath when the grey panel blends with the cloudiness of the water and is no longer visible. You should still be able to see the black panel.

5.If both panels are still visible, repeat steps 2 through 3 until only the black panel is visible. Note that the panels will not change colour in any way, and will still be present when the pack is removed from water.

6.If neither panel is visible, there is too much QV Flare Up bath Oil in the water. Add more water to the bath and repeat steps 2 through 3 until only the black panel is visible.

7. Soak in the bath for 10-15 minutes. Gently pat skin dry.


-Always read the label.

-Use only as directed.

-If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional.

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