Audiclean Ear Wax Remover 12ML

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Audiclean Ear wax remover will soften and disperse excess hardened ear wax. Audiclean ear wax remover contains natural ingredients to help clear ear wax and maintain hearing without the use of any harsh solvents and chemicals. Audiclean is safe for Adults and children. It doe not create painful swelling of wax. INGREDIENTS: - Apricot Kernel oil to lubricate and detaich ear wax. - A hydrating aqua base combined with mild vegetal emulsifier to penerate and help disperse ear wax. - Eucalyptus essential oil known for its antiseptic properties. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: SHAKE BEFORE USE. 1- With head tilted, fill the ear with audiclean ear wax remover. 2- with head upright, leave to act for 25 minutes. 3- Clean the ear with warm water. For best results, wash away remaining wax with audiclean ear cleansing wash. Repeat 3 times a day whilst symptoms clear. Treatment usually takes 2 to 3 days. If symptoms persist please consult your health care professional. Discard contents 30 days after opening.

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